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it was a love // affair
林筱翎, Lily Lin is a taiwan born, Canadian raised graphic designer and illustrator, lived in San Francisco for few years, currently working in Berlin as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.


In 2005 Lulu was chosen as one of the 20 top visual artists by the American magazine “Print,” and she was also shortlisted that same year by American Illustration. The following year, she was selected as one of the leading 100 talents in Germany in 2006.
She lives and works in Berlin.


Beautiful illustrations from Andrea innocent (Australia). Check her site:

After beginning her career by exploring aspects of Asian culture, through parody and (modernization), Innocent’s new work is shifting focus towards the creation of character whose stories and personal lives are imagined. Combining a strong sense of colour and graphics and blending these with found photographic and textural images her works become a collage of icons that tell a story and seek to entice a sense of curiosity from the viewer.


There is the beauty when things are organized neatly!!


TOMATOS & TOMATOES ARE BOTH SPELLED CORRECTLY.organized fish being sold in Manila BayLinda Lundgren

things organized neatly 7 Things Organized Neatly

Todd st. John, the New York based graphic designer, animator and filmmaker,  is one of my favorites. Check his personal web site and studio site.

Good design projects and illustrations from Hunter Gatherer

Also check Nona Inescu‘s flickr website: swim team (more…)

Norge hortSextans (more…)

Vintage Illustrations by Kareem Rizk –

Those whimsical, retro-style digital collages are very interesting. Check julien pacaud’s online portfolio website. Thanks Neil for sending this link.

I saw a set of interesting digital collage on Flickr. Check the link here.