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Greenspace‘s new identity, typeface and website for Zaha Hadid Architects is inspired by the firm’s use of computer scripts and pattern generation in its pioneering work…



Zaha Hadid Sans was designed with Miles Newlyn.

He writes, ‘the typeface uses two unique features: There is the folded detail, in which joins that are usually truncated are divided by a slim gap to give the appearance of layering. The other feature is a carefully stressed curve that flows from vertical to near horizontal and back again.’

Great art begins with an idea. Check the First Draft Project from The Atlantic Magazine and find out how genius works.

How is inspiration refined into the forms that delight or provoke us? We enlisted some of America’s foremost artists to discuss the sometimes messy, frequently maddening, and almost always mysterious process of creating something new.

Frank Gehry

Michael Bierut

An award-winning designer, Bierut is a partner in the New York design firm Pentagram. He was commissioned by Michael Tilson Thomas at the New World Symphony to create a new logo inspired by the Frank Gehry-designed performance hall.

Kitchen Dog Season Collateral

From AIGA design Archives

Kitchen Dog Theater (KDT), an avant-garde Dallas theater company, needed to promote its 2009–2010 season and establish an identity separating it from other, more staid local theater venues. And it needed to do this on a shoestring budget.

Its small performance space and even smaller budget make KDT plays raw and personal. Without elaborate facilities or sets, the company’s acting talent and intensity carry the day. We knew that the primary audience for the collateral—donors, season-ticket holders and mailing-list subscribers—celebrated KDT’s risk-taking philosophy, so we created a season brochure and posters to capture that tone.

Our main objective was to inform viewers about the plays for the upcoming season. We also wanted to communicate KDT’s bold attitude and commitment to groundbreaking new theater. Hence, the “New/Now” theme. We used a minimal color scheme—black, white and magenta—that tied together the collateral. The brochure included graphics for each of the season’s plays, which also served as the poster designs, providing one cohesive campaign.

To comply with the minimal budget, the brochure was printed on inexpensive newsprint and posters were screen-printed by hand. Both printing techniques express the rough and raw sensibility of Kitchen Dog.

Kitchen Dog Season CollateralKitchen Dog Season CollateralKitchen Dog Season CollateralKitchen Dog Season CollateralKitchen Dog Season CollateralKitchen Dog Season CollateralKitchen Dog Season Collateral

From AIGA Design Archive

Museum of Modern Art Identity

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) possesses one of the most recognizable logotypes of any cultural institution in the world. While the logo is iconic in itself, the museum needed a comprehensive institutional identity that would carry the spirit of MoMA across multiple platforms. The designers created a focused, organized and flexible identity system that supports program material in print, web and environmental applications. The system employs prominent use of the MoMA logo as a graphic device. An appropriate scale and careful cropping were developed to make the identity more powerful and cohesive, and to create an attitude that modernizes the institution’s image. A strong grid has been established for the uniform placement of elements. Images of artworks appear whole or are cropped for effect. The images are paired with the logotype, which has a consistent vertical placement similar to the signage on the museum’s facade. of Modern Art IdentityMuseum of Modern Art IdentityMuseum of Modern Art IdentityMuseum of Modern Art IdentityMuseum of Modern Art Identity

Gap Inc. scrapped the new logo on Monday after thousands of Facebook and Twitter users called for a return to the classic blue box.

Beautiful work from Florafauna, a Minneapolis based multidisciplinary design studio; half design office, half screen printing operation.

“Logo for a Web coding and development club.” Paul Gardner, designer; Multiformat Development Club, client.

“Self-promotional, letterpress-printed ear plug packaging.” Amy Sly, writer; Paul Gardner, designer; Florafauna, client.

“This 18 x 24, 5-color screen print commemorates Wilco’s October 2, 2009 show at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul.” Paul Gardner, designer; Wilco, client.

The famous IBM Smart Planet icon design was from San Francisco creative studio Office.

AOL logoAOL logo

My space continued the trend from AOL. It reflected the rapid change of new business models and technology. Last year (2009) AOL had a new identity designed by Wolff Olins, who previous created logos for Wacom, (RED), and the London 2012 Olympics. The unique part is its background treatments. Although the AOL logo itself will be constant, the backgrounds change continuously in an effort to suggest the breadth of AOL’s content.


Based on the statement form AOL site,  the new identity ” is a simple logo that is revealed by the unique and creative images behind it. It has enabled us to work with artists from around the world and some of the most creative minds in the industry to create these incredible expressions of our brand. These expressions represent the creative and dynamic nature of our company and our employees, who embody our brand every day in the products and experiences they deliver to our consumers.”