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Interview with MediaStorm Producer Rick Gershon

Rick Gershon joined MediaStorm as a producer in 2010. He served as a multimedia photojournalist and staff photographer at Getty Images from 2007 to 2010.

Some of his clients include the Discovery Channel, History Channel, A&E, The Travel Channel, and MSNBC. His images of various news and political events have run in newspapers and news magazines around the world and he is a featured photographer with Reportage by Getty Images.

Refugees United is an online family tracing tool that assists refugees and other stateless people to find and search for lost loved ones. Refugees United commissioned MediaStorm to create a documentary that both told the story of Refugees United, as well as chronicled the lives of refugees that are currently separated from their family.

Following the lives of four refugees and how separation from loved ones has shaped their existence, “Lost and Found: The Story of Refugees United” is a journey into the hardships so many families must endure as they seek to reconnect. See the project at

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